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Breath Analyzer Market is expected to reach US$ 3,685.94 million by 2030

The global breath analyzer market is projected to grow from USD 1,188.76 million in 2022 to reach USD 3,685.94 million by 2030.

By The Insight Partners

According to our new research study on “Breath Analyzer Market Forecast to 2030 – Global Analysis – by Technology, Application, and End User, and Geography” the breath analyzer market size is expected to grow from US$ 1,188.76 million in 2022 to US$ 3,685.94 million by 2030; it is estimated to register a CAGR of 15.19% during 2022–2030.

Key factors driving the breath analyzer market growth include growing alcohol consumption and alcohol-impaired accidents and government support and advanced technologies implementation for breath analyzer. However, false results by breath analyzers hinders the market growth.

Based on technology, the breath analyzer market is segregated as fuel cell technology, semiconductor sensor, infrared spectroscopy, and others. The fuel cell technology segment held a larger market share in 2022. Breath analyzers working on fuel cell technology consist of sensor devices comprising a platinum (Pt) anode compartment and a cathode to react with the ethanol and water in the breath sample during the breath test. To ensure accuracy, a precise sampling pump is utilized to draw the sample, specifically chosen to fit the fuel cell's specifications. The fuel cell sensor circuit produces an electric potential without any need for a power source during the oxidation reaction of ethanol in the sample. Fuel cell technology offers a perfect solution for portable screening devices due to its compact size and low power consumption. Law enforcement agencies commonly rely on electrochemical fuel cell technology for handheld screening devices, which provide highly accurate results. Although fuel cell breath analyzers may require a higher manufacturing cost, their reliability and precision make them a worthwhile investment. Overall, fuel cell technology presents an exciting opportunity for advancing screening capabilities and enhancing public safety. Therefore, the applications mentioned above drive the breath analyzers market growth for the fuel cell technology segment.

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Based on application, the breath analyzer market is segmented as drug abuse detection, alcohol detection, and medical applications. Medical application segment held the largest market share in 2022. In recent years, breath analysis has emerged as one of the most promising noninvasive diagnostic methods, attracting significant research interest. The method involves detecting gas analytes such as exhaled volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic gases, which are considered essential biomarkers for various diseases.  Recent advancements in metabolomics have led to improved capabilities to explore human metabolic profiles in breath. Despite some challenges in sampling and analysis, exhaled breath is a desirable medium for metabolomics applications. It is convenient and practically limitless in availability. Currently, several breath-based tests are established and in practical and clinical use. In an article published by Biomedical Signal Processing and Control in September 2021, a study carried out using a breath analyzer for the assessment of patients’ breath print to diagnose chronic kidney disease resulted in 85.7% accuracy using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) coefficient as feature sets.

In April 2022, the US FDA issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the first InspectIR COVID-19 Breathalyzer that detects chemical compounds in breath samples to diagnose SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The breath analyzer market, by end user, is segregated as law enforcement agencies, hospitals & diagnostic centers, and others. The hospital & diagnostic centers segment held the largest share of the market in 2022 2022–2030. Hospitals and diagnostic centers use breath analysis to study and detect breath biomarkers to diagnose any disease. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are breath biomarkers generated in the body that travel through the bloodstream, reach the alveolar interface, and are eventually expelled through exhalation. Analyzing exhaled breath for VOCs presence could reveal the health status of an individual, indicating whether they are diseased or healthy. Numerous studies have been carried out in laboratory settings to establish the efficiency and accuracy of breath analyzers in disease diagnosis. For instance, a team of researchers at the S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences (SNBNCBS) in Kolkata, an autonomous institute under the Department of Science & Technology of the Government of India, developed ‘Pyro-Breath.’ It is a new-generation noninvasive diagnostic strategy for an early and quick diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection. The technology utilizes a residual gas analyzer (RGA) to scan specific 'Breath-Print Masses (BPMs)' in real time.

Disease diagnosis using an electronic nose (E-nose) has also gained attention due to its ability to produce susceptible, rapid, and low-cost detection systems with reliable and reproducible results. For instance, in an article published by PubMed Central in August 2022, a study was carried out on 45 participants to assess the role of polymer-based e-nose in the detection of head and neck cancer using Cyranose 320 E-nose (Sensigent, Pasadena, CA, USA).

Additionally, the E-Nose Breathalyzer, developed at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, was presented to David Grant USAF Medical Center on October 21, 2020, at Travis Air Force Base.

Ongoing research and developments by research and diagnostic centers fuel the breath analyzer market growth for the segment.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Alcolizer Pty Ltd, Lifeloc Technologies Inc, Now Group UK Ltd, Dragerwerk AG & Co KGaA, Abbott Laboratories, Honeywell International Inc, KHN Solutions LLC, Bedfont Scientific Ltd, and Intoximeters Inc are among the leading companies operating in the breath analyzer market.    

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