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The Virtual Reality World will now take a new turn with E-smell Technology

The digital scent, or olfactory, is the technology to sense, transmit, and receive scent-enabled digital media such as web pages, movies, video games, and music, having wide-ranging application in medical, military and food industry.


Virtual Reality that has was so far targeting only the sense of sight and sound, will now be focusing over smell as well with digital scent technology. The Digital scent or e- smell technology is the most underrated technology because more than 50 percent of millennials are of the view that sense of smell is least important than any tech device but is perhaps is the most important one.   

In a series of researches it was found that the brain and scent have medicinal connection and that the scents have surprising power to heal. Thus the technology has wider scope in healthcare segment. Also, a research report by The Insight Partners states that “the digital scent technology market is anticipated to augment in upcoming years mainly owing to the rising applications of e-nose technology for clinical diagnosis and quality assessment of food. “

In addition, the technology probability has the ability of using human odor recognition via sources like breath, saliva, sweat, skin for medical diagnosis. Human odor contains many times contain diagnostics biomarker of several of diseases and disorders like diabetes, asthma, lung cancer, liver disease and cystic fibrosis.

Digital scent works by constantly feeding odors through vaporizing gel pellets in 4 air streams in every corner of the screen. These air streams are then blown out parallel to the screen’s surface with fans the enables in spreading the scent at every spot over the screen. The e-nose technology uses an extensive range of machine learning algorithms as well as integrated AI components for accurate detection. Hence, this technology has started gaining attraction in security and military segments as well.

Additionally, below are the hardware devices of e-smell technology have 2 major divisions as per the report:


The iSmell is a peripheral device that reads a digital scent file followed by creating a smell from a “palette” of around 128 chemicals stored and then wafts in the air with the help of a small fan.

Smell Synthesizer:

The smell synthesizer unlike iSmell device is used for generating smells. There are several types of smell synthesizers available across the market, however the computer smell synthesizer are made only by digiscents industry.

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